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Facebook Update 1/29/12

I have got a web domain now, so will work up a website in a day or two with forum etc and post the URL then as there is just a holding page right now. Today I upgraded and expanded the Rolling Stones and a few others, I just caught one of the Stones tracks playing. Feel free to suggest artists, most well known and obscure psyche related acts have been added, open to being reminded though!
Listen here if you haven’t already tuned in and spread the word:

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Facebook Update 1/27/12

I’d estimate that we have at least 80-90% of TWoS old playlist up and online now, maybe more. I’m just working through scrubbing the older lower quality files, but as you should’ve noticed, most of it is in decent 128Kbs quality now, so hopefully more enjoyable on the ears. Sure there are plenty of ex-TWoS listeners that don’t know about us yet so SPREAD THE WORD!  Christy

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First Facebook Post 1/18/12

Now, why Psychedelicized Radio? Well, simple, I and a bunch of others – Rob, Adam, Uncle Michael, Leo – loved Technicolor Web of Sound which was run by Paul Moews from 2003/4 up to this past Christmas when it suddenly and without warning disappeared from the web. Rob tracked down Paul, spoke with him and to make a long story short, it doesn’t at present look like TWOS is returning anytime soon, so…….
All input and feedback is welcome.
Best Chris

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