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What’s Happening!?!

$92 is needed every month to cover server costs, so we can continue to sail the psychedelic airwaves as your heads favourite jukebox. Please give what/if you can. Thanks.

There are an enthusiastic small group of people working on the website, playlist and other elements and together we will make this the best Psyche website in the world and this site the go to place for info on our favourite artists.

In other news, WhiteBread is working on building us a new look for the website, a full on psyche nuggets style look, which may be ready toward the end of April. Exciting huh! 🙂

We should also get a stream quality upgrade over the next 2-6 weeks – the time frame I have been told, so there then will be a noticeable improvement in the quality of the tracks as you hear them.

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Playlist Goes LIVE!

The playlist is now live on the site, so everyone can see what is played by who etc. If you notice errors or duplications etc, please note them in the forum or email me so I can correct or merge them. Need to say a BIG thank-you to web tech Adam & also Jason who chipped in with a ‘how to…’, it’s those guys that have got it online. Enjoy!

p.s. more info will be added as time permits for the artists and if there are people out there that want to become admins and help with that, let me know.

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New music?

So, is there anything that people think they haven’t heard played yet on Psychedelicized that should be??? Artists, songs???

Stop by the Facebook page or forum and let us know.

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Davy Jones Tribute

461535_345433435501188_1366467262_oOk, a technical first for us, TONIGHT March 1st at 9pm UK time / 1pm US west coast, repeated at 5am UK time / 9pm US west coast time, we give you an hour of The Monkees, in memory of the late great Davy Jones.

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