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Stream Player Now on Site

224409_458345257543338_951245716_nSeptember 19 – OK! Thanks to Uncle Michael, who supplied the code, I’ve just added a stream player to our website, so you can just go now and listen on the site and if you want to surf the artist pages, just click on the ‘Pop Up’ player links, the Windows Media one is cool as it displays the track info. Enjoy!!!

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Tuning In & Turning On

We’ve moved to Shoutcast servers, which offer a better listening experience, as we now are broadcasting in 128kbs MP3! Tune In, Turn On & Psyche Out! 🙂

You can also see the last 10 tracks played now on the left panel of the website.

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424719_454588144585716_1656443062_nWe’ve smashed through the 400 mark! Welcome to all the newbies! In case you haven’t yet heard, we are moving to a new server in the next couple of weeks, so we will then be broadcasting 24/7/365 in a nice hi-res 128kbs stream! I’ll post the links here once it’s set-up and running, we are currently running a test broadcast, tweaking how it works, to make it as close to the current station as possible, just better! Spead the word and stay tuned! 

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