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christmas playlistOK, it’s CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂 We’ve already done the present bit here in Poland, different to me as a kid in England, where we give presents on Christmas morning. The differences in the world make it interesting and that’s why with the most different playlist in radio, Psychedelicized is the best right?! I hope whichever corner of our tiny ball of rock hurtling through space that you are reading this, that you are in good health and spirits. Thank you for all your support this year, our first (we’re 1 next month!), thank you for your help finding obscure tracks/artists, your suggestions, your financial support and just for listening together with us. From everyone at Psychedelicized, Jason, Michael, Robert, Adam and Leo plus our regular contributors, we heartily thank you and wish you all the best for the holiday season and the new year!
Best Christy

This Christmas playlist, complete with seasonal adverts, will air on Tuesday, December 25, 2012 i.e. tomorrow evening at usual times UK 7pm, NY 7pm, LA 7pm. They are the tracks you selected in last few days, plus a few we like. There is one spiritual, a real cracker from 1968 to open, and it closes with probably the best Christmas rock song ever recorded, one I actually love to hear. They are just for this show, so I hope you all approve. Enjoy! Love and Peace! 🙂

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Psychedelicized Christmas

Psychedelicized ChristmasHello all! We at Psychedelicized wish you all a happy holiday season and offer you one last chance to participate in a playlist before the end of the year. Rather than a cheesy psyche Christmas songs collection, of which there aren’t that many – i did check 😉 – we were thinking that we should just give a couple of hours over to you guys to pick your favourite tunes. If you want to name the track that you heard us play that you loved the most, we’ll add it in, then we’ll play the show on Christmas Day, with a re-run on Boxing Day maybe. I think I’ll pick Crystal Chandalier… or… hmmm… Post your pick on our Facebook page!

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Ravi Shankar tribute tonight – Tues 18th Dec

Ravi Shankar Portrait of GeniusTaken longer than expected, but with help from WhitebreadCostner, I have compiled the Ravi Shankar tribute for tomorrow night. 1 hour, 10 mins and 24 seconds of sitar, either as lead or as used in popular music of the 60s. Some super rare tracks, some very well known, culminating with Ravi Shankar’s performance at Monterey Pop in 1967! Be there and dig the twang’n’drone! Tuesday 18th. 7pm UK, 7pm NY, 7pm LA.

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