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Cosmic Colin Saturday!

1005861_585205724857290_1713995827_nAlright so as we stated earlier, there has been a change of plans. Tomorrow, I proudly present you with my second ever radio show. This Psychedelicized Power Hour will feature a blistering set of Kaleidoscopic Covers! Every song played will be from an artist who completely reinvented the song to make it their own. Remember to tune in at 7pm Uk, NY, and LA for this psychedelic experience. ~ Colin

Listen to the archived show:
Kaleidoscopic Covers

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This Saturday: The Fab Four!

1012109_581385678572628_1539538955_nBack in November when we had about half the page likes that we do now, Whitebread put together a Beatles special, assembled from all the various mics on cameras at the legendary ‘Rooftop’ concert. As we have been asked numerous times to broadcast it again, how can we say no? It also gives Whitebread & I time to finish putting together ‘A Visit To Toytown’ special, which will be broadcast in a couple of weeks! ~ Christy

“Do you like the Beatles? Sure you do. Would you like to see the Beatles in concert?…well, sadly that will never happen, but Psychedelicized brings you the next best thing! The Beatles Complete Rooftop Concert!! With behind the scenes audio and street interviews that make you feel as if you’re standing on Savile Row!

Psychedelicized will be playing this exclusive special this Saturday, the 15th, at 7 UK time, 7 NY time, 7 LA time. Be sure to bring a brolly! ~ WB — with Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, T.H.E. B.E.A.T.L.E.S., George Harrison, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, The Beatles, The Beatles World and Paul McCartney.”

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We’ve reached another milestone…1100 likes and growing!!
Know someone who needs to be turned on?…Tune them in to Psychedelicized Radio and witness the miiinnnd expaaansiooon! ~WB

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It’s a Beautiful Day …. Saturday on Psychedelicized

934934_578363002208229_77138523_nBe sure to tune in this Sat. 7pm UK, NY, LA, for a Live Psyche Out!
Psychedelicized will be presenting It’s A Beautiful Day performing live at the Filmore in ’68. Track listing is as follows:
1 Love For You 14:57
2 Countryside 5:18
3 Heavy Changes 8:52
4 Time Is 6:13
5 Drum Solo 4:03
6 Time Is (Reprise) 4:08
7 Hot Summer Day 11:02

See you there! ~WB

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