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Cream live in Oakland 1968

Cream Live OaklandTHIS SATURDAY NIGHT – LIVE PSYCHE OUT! 7pm UK, NY, LA. Psychedelicized will be presenting at Alameda County Coliseum Arena! Be there! And spread the word! 🙂

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This Saturday’s PPH: Captain Christy presents “A Journey to the East”

Journey to the East
In a late change to plans, yours truly will be presenting a show tonight! An hour of exotic instrument lead psyche, indulging my current passion for the sitar! 🙂
Join me for a Journey To The East, tonight at 7pm UK, NY & LA. ~ Christy
p.s. quick poster done, now just need to do the show…

Listen to the archived show:
A Journey to the East

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Live Psych-Out Saturday presents King Crimson

969158_594984157212780_1491574444_nBe sure to tune in this Sat. 7pm UK, NY, LA, for a Live Psyche Out!
Psychedelicized will be presenting King Crimson, live in 1969 at Hyde Park and Fillmore! Be there! — with King Crimson – Robert Fripp, King Crimson, Robert Fripp and Crimson King – In the court of King Crimson.

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This Saturday: A Trip to Toytown

1009759_589473417763854_1521882359_nRoll up, roll up, Ladies an’ Gentlemen, Boys an’ girls. Climb aboard da Psychedelicized ‘orse an’ cart as we take you on an unforge’able ‘Trip To Toytown’! Feast yer ears! There’ll be fascinatin’ wonders an’ experiences ‘n never-befaw heard tunes (well, at least not in this neck of the woods). So meet wiv us Saturday July the 6f at 7pm, that’s London, Great Britain, New York and Los Angeles, U.S.A. times. You don’t wanna be left behind! Make a note in yer diary and join us for a ‘Trip To Toytown’, exclusively on Psychedelicized Radio no less, alwright! — with Whitebread, Trip to Toytown and Christy.

Listen to the archived show:
A Trip to Toytown

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