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This Saturday’s Live Psych-out: Three Large Ones!

1506916_716916935019501_1670440176_nFor this Saturday, Rusty has selected 3 loooong LARGE rare live tracks for people to loon and wig out to.  The Chambers Brothers, Iron Butterfly and Pink Floyd no less! An hour of heavy fun in just three songs. So, tune in at 7pm this Saturday UK, NY and SF times and shake your mop!

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Saturday’s Live PsychOut: The Allman Brothers Band

1922394_713173312060530_455800471_nAfter a number of ‘Psyche Power Hour!’ shows all in a row, Live Psyche Out! is back, with The Allman Brothers Band live on Valentine’s Day 1970 at the Fillmore East! Yes, you see the connection there, it’s the day after Smoochfest. So, come shake your southern dangler along to the celestial sounds of The Allman Brothers, this Saturday night, only on Psychedelicized Radio!
Saturday 15th February 7pm UK, NY and SF. Be there or be cursed! 
Thanks to Rusty and Whitebread for bringing this to the table.
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1625584_712551318789396_678002209_nWelcome to all the new page ‘likes’ that have pushed us past the 2100 mark! Please get busy with comments and relevant posts on the page. Also, if you want to suggest artists or songs that we don’t play, please do so, but maybe check the playlist on our website first. Welcome aboard!

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Psychedelicized Monthly Server Costs – Feb 2014

Dear Psychedelicized Listeners,
It’s that time in the month where we come around cap in hand and ask for your help in covering costs to keep us on the air. Just $97 a month covers both our hosting and the licensing which keeps us legal and pays the royalties to the artists we play. We make no profit and don’t want to, we are enthusiasts like you and want to get the the great rarities of music heard by everyone. If you can spare a few dollars, we’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks 🙂
p.s. you can use Paypal, Credit or Debit cards, all details on our Donate page:

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This Saturday! Psyche Power Hour Guest Host Gordon Raphael presents “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On”

1780822_708491045862090_1010501408_nWhen I was a kid I had a rocket shaped transistor radio that i hid under my pillow. and when i was meant to be going to sleep, and magical world of psychedelic rock radio was going on which kept me in rapt attention. There was a talk show for hip young people and intellectual adults where people came in, of called in to discuss hot topics such as the new street drugs, psychedelic experiences, police action and of course the war in Viet Nam. I prided myself on listening to this music, and being aware of the plight and symbols of the new generation as it was starting to flower. My Podcast/Simulated Broadcast is called Silhouette Shack, and I try to recreate the vibe and feelings I had when I first opened my ears and mind to this great colourful music. Cheers to Psychedelicized Radio for the chance to go out on their channel for a while! And look at my site- for more insidious, fastidious but never superflouous information. Cheers, and have a good trip!

A new guest DJ this Saturday for Psyche Power Hour! None other than the legendary producer Gordon Raphael (The StrokesRegina Spektor and many more) presents a mind mashing collection from the ‘Silhouette Shack’.
I had the pleasure of meeting and recording with Gordon when he had a studio close to me in London and he’s been a keen supporter and listener to Psychedelicized Radio since it started,so it’s great to have him put together a selection of his favourite psyche tracks for our enjoyment, hopefully the first of many.  Gordon now resides in Berlin, producing artists and also recording his own brand of great head music, full details here:
Tune in on Saturday at 7pm UK, 7pm NY & 7pm SF and get your mind mashed Gordotronic style! ~ Christy

Listen to the archived show:
Silhouette Shack

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This Saturday on Psych Power Hour: Whitebread Loses His Mynd!

1620861_704408806270314_1414965815_nWhitebread presents:
An unrelenting, hour long premiere collection of mind melting songs to test your psychedelic fortitude. Will you find enlightenment? Perhaps. Will you touch insanity? Most definitely.
So tune in Saturday, February 1st at 7PM UK, NY, SF time for a brain dribbling show that’ll leave you eating soup through a straw! ~WB

Listen to the archived show:
WB Loses His Mind

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