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Live Psychout presents Ultimate Spinach

10498332_788666474511213_3025522389279189243_oLive Psych Out! Tomorrow night, that’s Saturday 28th of June, in the foul year of our Lord, 2014, at 7pm UK, NY & SF, The Ultimate Spinach, live at Unicorn Coffee House, Boston, 1967! Mind Flowers and other greats, recorded in front of what sounds like a tiny audience, so let’s swell their ranks and pretend we were there, with Ultimate Spinach live! Only on Psychedelicized Radio! 
Saturday 28th of June, 7pm UK, NY & SF

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This weekend Brook Trout on Psych Power Hour: 23 Skidoo!

Tomorrow night for Psych Power Hour, we have guest DJ Brook Trout presenting 23 Skidoo! 23 skidoo is an American slang phrase which generally refers to leaving quickly, being forced to leave quickly by someone else, or taking advantage of a propitious opportunity to leave, that is, “getting [out] while the getting’s good.” Well, the getting won’t get better than this hour of choice select cuts from our good friend Brook Trout, so join him tomorrow at 7pm to see what he’s got brewing up for you all! 
That’s Brook Trout, presenting 23 Skidoo, Saturday 21 June, 2014 at 7pm UK, NY & SF, exclusively on Psychedelicized!

Brook Psych show

Listen to the archived show:
23 Skidoo

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Wednesday 18 June: Psychedelicized Unearthed

10407917_782592521785275_6274615043509304631_nThis Wednesday night, a new regular show, Psychedelicized Unearthed!  Show #1, hosted by Dr Sandoz, is the the first hour of four, so it’ll either be a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence, once we have a concrete format in order, but all details will of course be posted here. Why bother? Well, it gives you all a chance to hear the new additions, rather than waiting to catch them in the coming weeks and months when you are listening in. If that is more fun to you, then skip the show, but I’d highly recommend joining us for a righteous romp through the best of the latest unearthed psych and head music that we have added to the playlist. Usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF. This Wednesday, 18 June 2014. ~ Christy

Listen to the archived show:
Psychedelicized Unearthed 1

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This Saturday ‘Live Psych Out!’ Steppenwolf live at the Fillmore, Aug 1968!

SteppenwolfThe Saturday’s show tomorrow is a Live Psych Out! supplied by Rusty. A great, stereo recording of Steppenwolf live at the Fillmore, Aug 27th 1968! Truly cracking! Dig it, crank it, smoke it, shoot it, shake it, rock it, love it! Or just sip yer orange juice and ponder why these nice young men wanted to have long hair and wig out in long noisy electronic jams, singing about being born wild. Ladies & Gentlemen, Psychedelicized presents John Kay & Steppenwolf at the height of their powers in truly excellent form, be there! 🙂
Usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF. Saturday 14th June 2014.

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Tomorrows ‘Live Psyche Out!’ is Frumious Bandersnatch – Live at the Poppycock, Palo Alto, CA. 1968!

Frumious BandersnatchTomorrows ‘Live Psyche Out!’ is Frumious Bandersnatch – Live at the Poppycock, Palo Alto, CA. 1968!!! Yes, how rare is that one huh?! Thank Rusty for digging it up for us all. I’ve given it a quick clean and polish, so it sounds really nice. So, join us for Frumious Bandersnatch, playing a cracking set in what sounds like a tiny venue to a tiny crowd. Now we can help flesh that venue out, close our eyes, sup some suds and herbal medicines and image ourselves propped against a wall digging a great band in 1968. Remember to clap after each number!
Saturday 7th June 2014, 7pm UK, NY & SF
Bit more info on the band for those unfamiliar on link here:

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Psychedelicized Monthly Server Costs – June 2014

Fundraiser time! We still have tons of great rare music still to add, I mean thousands of tracks still being considered, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes.
How can you help, well, every month we have to cover the server and license costs, so it’s that time where we come around cap in hand and ask for your help in covering costs to keep us on the air. Just $166 a month (the jump in costs is due to the rise in artist royalty rates, as we now have more listeners listening more often) covers both our server stream hosting and the licensing which keep Psychedelicized legal, paying artist royalties and on the air, simple as that, so if you can help at all, great! 🙂

Full details on the ‘Donate’ page. If the fundraiser isn’t reaching it’s goal, we will have to start adding request promos…

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