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Doc Sandoz delivers High Mass – This Saturday on Psych Power Hour

11755747_1028895637154961_1138751262661203746_nExperience the transcendental! Submerge your senses in the mysteries of tape looping; Vox and Farfisa; semi-hollow body electric guitar; moog synthesizer; tremelo; disorienting feedback; time signature changes; wah-wah; flanging and phasing; reverb; frequency shifting; vocorders; fuzz boxes; reverb; exotic instrumentation; ringing 12-strings; Leslie speakers; unexpected changes in pitch and tempo; random riffs that shouldn’t work but somehow do; use of far and middle eastern scales; reverse and complex overlays; unpredicted breaks; chants and other mystical vocalities; interweaving and counterpoint; acid-inspired lyrics and more — as Dr. Sandoz offers up an hour of fiercely mind-bending psychedelic music on Psychedelicized Radio! Saturday 25 July 2015 at 7pm UK, NY, SF.


Listen to the archived show:
High Mass I

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The Stones ! Live in Hyde Park 1969

This Saturday night. 7pm UK, NY & SF is the Rolling Stones, live in Hyde Park, July 5th 1969!11742992_1024969804214211_4429393859903970973_n

One of the most highly anticipated gigs of 1969, the Rolling Stones‘ free concert in London’s Hyde Park on July 5 delivered on all the promise and then some.

Having taken two years off from the road, the show was conceived as the beginning of the band’s big return to the live stage. The evening was also planned as an introduction of their hot new guitar player, Mick Taylor. A former disciple of British blues legend John Mayall, Taylor had been inducted into the Rolling Stones just a month prior, after the band had decided to finally wash their hands of the supremely talented but increasingly erratic Brian Jones.

“I just made a phone call to John Mayall,” Mick Jagger recalled in the book, According to the Rolling Stones. “And he turned up with this guy Mick Taylor almost the next day.” After jamming with Taylor a bit, the band were sufficiently impressed by his talent to bring him into the fold with little extra vetting. “There wasn’t a big audition,” Jagger went on to say. “He seemed to fit in really well and there was the pressure to do the gig [at Hyde Park]. Maybe if we’d not had a gig coming up for six months, we’d have tried lots of others, but we just had to get on with it.”

As the Hyde Park show drew nearer and nearer, the group got into playing shape by rehearsing at the Beatles’ Apple recording studio on Savile Row. Then like a lightning bolt came the bad news no one was expecting. On July 3, 1969, Brian Jones was found dead at his home outside of London. As you might expect, the band was equal parts shocked and horrified by the news. Rather than cancel their upcoming concert however, they decided to carry on and reformat it as a tribute to their ex-band mate.

More than just another show, the Hyde Park concert was an event. Estimates put the crowd as large as 500,000 people who showed up to take in the spectacle. Opening for the Rolling Stones was a melange of fantastic British acts including King Crimson and Alexis Korner’s latest outfit New Church.

Just before the Rolling Stones hit the stage, Mick Jagger came out and read from the Percy Shelley poem “Adonais,” in a touching tribute to Jones after which hundreds of white butterflies were released into the summer air. “We wanted to see him off in grand style,” guitarist Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography Life. “The ups and downs with the guy are one thing, but when his time’s over, release the doves, or in this case the sackfuls of white butterflies.”

When the full band finally came out and launched into “I’m Yours and I’m Hers,” it was apparent to most that there was still a bit of rust that needed to be knocked off, but the energy more than made up for the out-of-tune musicianship. For his part, Mick Taylor took a measured view of his grand coming out party. “I wouldn’t call Hyde Park a great concert. It was a great event. It wasn’t a great concert for the Stones musically, because it was the first time they played together in two years,” Taylor said, adding, “I would say by the time we did the second American tour, we were really tight and really good.”

While Taylor, as a newcomer, could afford to be a bit critical of the performance, for the Stones’ other Mick, the gig felt like a breath of fresh air. “Hyde Park didn’t feel that difficult,” he recalled. “I think we were pleased to get out and play with somebody else, because we’d been like a horse with three legs. Now we had another guitarist, and we could say, ‘play this,’ and he’d play it.”

Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Mick Taylor
Bill Wyman
Charlie Watts
Ginger Johnsons African Drummers – dancing and percussion


Eulogy for Brian Jones
I’m Yours, She’s Mine
Jumpin Jack Flash
No Expectations
Mercy, Mercy
Stray Cat Blues
I’m Free
Down Home Girl
Love in Vain
Loving Cup
Midnight Rambler
Honky Tonk Woman
Street Fighting Man
Sympathy for the Devil


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Psychedelicized Server Costs – July 2015

Dear Psychedelicized Listeners,
Each month come around cap in hand and ask for your help in covering costs to keep us on the air. Just $197 a month inc. transaction costs, covers both our hosting and the licensing which keeps us legal and pays the royalties to the artists we play. We make no profit and don’t want to, we are enthusiasts like you and want to get the the great rarities of music heard by everyone. I would love to pay it all myself but I just don’t have it spare, so I will willingly give time to keep it running but I need your help to keep it on the air. If you can spare a few dollars, we’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

FundRazr uses PayPal for all payments but you don’t need a PayPal account. Here are all payment options:

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Cosmic Colin’s Canadian Cold-One

This Saturday, July 11th, tune in for Cosmic Colin’s Snowshoes & Igloos: That’s Canada Eh! Part 2 show. Tons of rarities and 11665573_1018678084843383_2062466002019099696_nclassics from the land in the north. (It is actually summer here in Canada). Usual times of 7 pm UK, NY, and SF. ~ Colin

Listen to the archived show:
Snowshoes & Igloos II

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“Yes” – Live at New Haven

To celebrate the life of Chris Squire of Yes, this Saturday night, Live Psych Out will be Yes live at the Yale Bowl, New Haven, 24th July 1971, a really great quality live show, of a great band, recorded from the soundboard! Be there and raise a glass to Chris.11692699_1015294255181766_8912768265882420393_n
Tony Kaye – Keyboards, Organ
Jon Anderson – Vocals
Bill Bruford – Drums
Steve Howe – Guitars
Chris Squire – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mr Squire, Psychedelicized salutes you!
Usual times. Saturday 4th July, 2015, 7pm UK, NY & SF.

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