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Cosmic Colin Returns!

Tune in this Saturday at the usual times of 7 pm London, NY, and LA for Cosmic Colin’s Psychedelic Pswirls! It’s bound to leave your head spinning!


Listen to the archived show:
Psychedelic Pswirls

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Critics are calling it “The next great milestone!”  


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The Move

Saturday night’s Live Psych Out this week is The Move, live at Fillmore West 17 Oct 1969! Wild! Rocktastic pop pickers! Enjoy.
Saturday 7pm UK, NY & SF p.s. cheers Rusty.

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Psychedelicized Server Costs – September 2015

A week late, the September Fundraiser is GO GO GO!
We have tons of great rare music still to add, I mean thousands of tracks still being considered, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. How can you help, well, every month we have to cover the server and license costs, so it’s that time where we come around cap in hand and ask for your help in covering costs to keep us on the air. Just $197 a month (only need $115 this month!) covers both our server stream hosting and the licensing which keep Psychedelicized legal, paying artist royalties and us on the air, simple as that, we make no profit at all, so if you can help at all, great! 🙂

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Rusty’s Munchies

Saturday night we will forgo the usual Psych Power Hour for a public service announcement. Rusty has discovered marijuana has11217660_1057102324334292_2272815002855767266_n a serious side effect. It can make you hungry. In order to satisfy your psychedelic cravings, we will bring you a musical smorgasbord of ice cream, beans, ham, pizza, bananas and much, much more. Join us for Rusty’s Munchies, Saturday Sept. 12, 7PM UK/NY/SF.

Listen to the archived show:

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Tomorrow’s Live Psych Out goes all festival and country with… it’s only bloomin’ Bob Dylan!!! The mighty scribe live with the Band after a three year break from performing! What else is there to say?!? The full show in super quality stereo! If you love Bob, you have to hear it, and if you don’t like Bob, well, shame on you!
Saturday 5th September, 7pm UK, NY & SF11988197_1053832181327973_1999062969844976517_n
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