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Another Slyce o’ Psych – November 21

Tune in this Saturday, November 21st at 7pm UK, NY, SF, as Whitebread presents another episode of A Slyce of Psych. Featuring the best of pop, psych, garage, and everything in-between.

Listen to the archived show:
Slyce of Psych VII

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Rusty’s Star Child: “Embryonic Journey”

This week’s Psychedelicized Radio Power Hour presents a musical story of the cycle of life, from birth, through childhood,, marriage, children, old age, death and beyond. Join Rusty Haze this Saturday and follow along our star child’s life on an Embryonic Journey. Saturday November 14, 7 PM UK/NY/SF.

Listen to the archived show:
Embryonic Journey

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November 7 Live Psychout: Pacific Gas & Electric

This live 1970 live show by Pacific Gas & Electric was slated for release by Columbia, but, due to legal problems, they never actually issued it. Rusty has dug it out for us to all enjoy!
Pacific Gas & Electric live Lexington, Aug 1970.
Usual show times, Saturday, 7pm UK, NY & SF. Get Dem Blues Momma!

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Psychedelicized Server Costs – November 2015

Dear Psychedelicized Listeners,
Each month come around cap in hand and ask for your help in covering costs to keep us on the air. Just $197 a month ($80 this month!) inc. transaction costs, covers both our hosting and the licensing which keeps us legal and pays the royalties to the artists we play. We make no profit and don’t want to, we are enthusiasts like you and want to get the the great rarities of music heard by everyone. I would love to pay it all myself but I just don’t have it spare, so I will willingly give time to keep it running but I need your help to keep it on the air. If you can spare a few dollars, we’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

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