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Live Psychout “The Sons of Champlin” —– Happy New Year !!!


To celebrate, we bring you, The Sons Of Champlin – Winterland – 31 Dec 1972

Bill Champlin – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Terry Haggerty – lead guitar
Geoffrey Palmer – keyboards
Dave Schallock – bass
James Preston – drums
Mark Isham – trumpet
Phil Woods – saxophone

The Sons of Champlin opened these New Year’s Eve festivities as the opening set on a bill that also featured The New Riders of the Purple Sage and the Grateful Dead.

At this point in time, the Sons were soon to release their fourth album, Welcome To The Dance. Adding elements of soul and funk to their foundational blend of rock, R&B and jazz, the band had never sounded better. The new songs played this evening were some of Bill Champlin’s best compositions and the forthcoming album would contain much of their most accessible material.

This recording picks up part way into their set. Beginning with “Right On,” the tape reveals a band playing with energy and conviction; they immediately establish a contagious groove that evolves eventually into a hot Terry Haggerty solo toward the end. Other than the cover of “Kansas City” that follows, the remainder of the set concentrates on material destined for their upcoming album.

Of particular interest is the Welcome To The Dance suite of songs, containing the first three sections of that unique, diverse piece of music. Beginning with the gospel overtones of “Silence,” gaining momentum with “Sound/Turn Around” and moving right into the optimistic “Healthy Woman,” this is one of the most adventurous pieces in the group’s repertoire at the time. Surprisingly, the band refrains from playing the celebratory title track at the end, which would become the single off their next album.

This show, is full of the upbeat, good vibe songs that were always the band’s trademark. Their positive energy and life-affirming lyrics were a throwback to the 60s, but they delivered them with a singular, sincere style – and always with great enthusiasm and musicianship.

A fine opening set to a monumental night of Bay Area music.

Usual times, TONIGHT, 7pm UK, NY & SF

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Guest DJ Brook Trout returns for Boxing Day!

Tune in this Saturday December 26 for our guest DJ Brook Trout’s latest redoubtable concatenation of psychotomimetic confusion: a tribute to UK’s Boxing Day!

Listen to the archived show:
Boxing Day

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From the Great White North! Psychedelic Pswirls by Colin

Tune in tomorrow night at 7 PM (London, NY, SF) for the next episode of Cosmic Colin’s Psychedelic Pswirls. An hour of trip full of psychedelic mind pswirlers!       Listen to the archived show: Psychedelic Pswirls Part 2

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Country Joe & the Fish – Live at the Fillmore

Live this Saturday, Country Joe & the Fish, Fillmore Jan 1969!!!
Be there December 5 –  7pm, UK, NY & SF
It’s the FISH!!!!
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We have reached another milestone – 4000 likes! Welcome to all the new page members and thank you to all those who have been with us over close to four years! Thank you all for your ears and your support ~ Captain Christy, Whitebread, Cosmic Colin, Doc Sandoz, Rusty Haze and Adam

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