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Hear Reverend Rusty’s Psychedelic Sermon this Saturday, February 25!

Saturday night, come on down to the Church of The Irreverent Reverence! The Right Reverend Rusty Haze will be channeling psychedelic sounds for your spiritual enlightenment. The traveling tent sermon will start at 7PM in the UK, NY and SF.

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Belated HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY, Psychedelicized Radio!

Hey Folks! In the shuffling madness (of the locomotive breath), this January we plum forgot to acknowledge the 5th birthday of Psychedelicized Radio. Our first official broadcast was on January 17, 2012. Happy Birthday Psychedelicized from all of us here, and thank you to all you psych-heads listening out there!

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Madness! Rusty’s Nuts on this Week’s Psych Power Hour

It’s insane! This week psychedelic becomes psychiatric as Rusty Haze descends into madness with a potent power hour of sonic
craziness. Can Rusty resolve his inner demons, or will he spiral into the inevitable end? Saturday, Feb 11, 7 PM UK/NY/SF times

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