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HIGH MASS – Playlist

PLAYLIST  15/16 December 2018

Saturday  11pm NY / 8 pm SF
Sunday  4am UK / 7pm UK / 2pm NY / 11am SF


Christ & Craig – Isha
The Moody Blues – Twilight Time
Andwella’s Dream – HIgh on a Mountain
Abacus – Song for Brunhilde
Amon Duul II – Burning Sister
The Riots – I Can Go On
The Spectres – Depression
The Shaynes – From My Window
The Young Monkey Men – I Believed You
The Zone V – I Cannot Lie


Three from Three – That’s What I Say
Amon Duul – Eye Shaking King
The Churls – Time Piece
Baris Manco – Trip Fairground
Jethro Tull – To Cry You a Song
Country Joe and the Fish – Superbird
J.J. Cale – Outside Lookin’ In
The Answers – It’s Just a Fear


Orphan Egg – Falling
The Nuchez – Open Up Your Mind
Methuselah – High in the Tower of Coombe
C.A. Quintet – Underground Music
The Easybeats – Friday on My Mind
The Who – Magic Bus
Insect Trust – Walking on Nails
Harvey Mandel – Bradley’s Barn
Love – And More


Love – A House is Not a Motel
Leigh Stephens – Another Dose of Life
Kak – Everything’s Changing
The Charlatans – Jack of Diamonds
Aphrodite’s Child – Plastics Nevermore
The 13th Floor Elevators – Dear Dr. Doom
Aphrodite’s Child – The Shepherd and the Moon
The Chocolate Watch Band – No Way Out
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Until the Poorest of People Have Money to Spend


Love – Live and Let Live
The 13th Floor Elevators – I’ve Got Levitation
The Chocolate Watch Band – Dark Side of the Mushroom
Savage Resurrection – Tahitian Melody
The Sunshine Company – Back on the Street Again
High Tide – Futilist’s Lament
The 13th Floor Elevators – Roller Coaster
The Chocolate Watch Band – Are You Gonna Be There?


East of Eden – Northern Hemisphere
Eire Apparent – Yes,I Need Someone
Bumble Bees – A Girl of My Kind
Denny Laine – Catherine’s Wheel
The David – Please Mr. Policeman
Daddy Lindberg – Wade in the Shade
The Craig – I Must Be Mad
Count Five – The Morning After
Traffic – Heaven is in Your Mind
Colder Children – Memories
The Collectors – My Love Delights Me


The Hollies – Tomorrow When It Comes
Knickerbockers – My Feet Are Off the Ground
Gale Garnett – This Year’s Child
Commodore Condello’s S.R.N. Band – The Time Machine
Sagittarius – Virgo
London Phogg – The Time Has Come
The 23rd Turnoff – Michael Angelo
The Pretty Things – Eagle’s Son
The Beach Boys – Never Learn Not to Love
David – Descension


Kak – Trieulogy
The Baroques – Musical Tribute to the Oscar Mayer Wiener Wagon
Grateful Dead – Mindbender
The Outsiders – Do You Feel Alright?
Footprints – Mama Rand’s
Twink – Tiptoe on the Highest Hill
Gandalf – Can You Travel in the Dark Alone?



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HIGH MASS (2nd Edition) – This weekend 27/28 October 2018

You are invited to dial us in for a celebration of High Mass ~ wherein the station broadcasts four continuous hours of quintessentially psychedelic tracks from the 1960s and early ’70s ~ and wherein newly uncovered definitive tracks of the genre, not previously part of Psychedelicized Radio’s playlist, will premiere. Airs twice each weekend. 

This weekend High Mass will be heard at the usual times of 9pm Saturday night San Francisco and 12am Sunday morning New York. Owing to the UK going off daylight savings time, it will air Sunday at 4am UK and again at 7pm UK, 3pm NY, 12pm SF.

Oops. UK server started an hour early. New Saturday start times are 8pm SF / 11pm NY

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HIGH MASS – New Weekly Show Premieres This Weekend

You, dear listeners, are hereby invited to attend High Mass! This weekend the station will begin a new weekly broadcast, a four-hour distillate comprised exclusively of quintessentially definitive psychedelic tracks. The show will air twice. The first broadcast will be Saturday October 20 at 9pm San Francisco which is Sunday October 21 at 12am NY / 5am UK. The second will be on Sunday October 21 at 11am San Francisco which is 2pm NY / 7pm UK. Join us each weekend at these times for a heavy dose of Pure Psychedelia on Psychedelicized Radio!
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Marty Balin Tribute

Tune in at 7:00 pm London, NY, and SF time for our Marty Balin tribute show.

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Will Sargent Brings Us Echoes of the Past – Saturday!

***This Saturday Night*** A psych power hour special guest show from Will Sergeant, who as well as being the ace guitarist from Echo and the Bunnymen, shares our love of all things psychedelic. Tune in for Troglodytes Toolbox (pt1) with Will Sergeant, this Saturday night and slip through the cracks of reality! 7pm UK, NY & SF, Sat 7th July, 2018.

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Rusty Wonders Where He Came From – Saturday!

For this Saturday’s Psychedelicized Power Hour, Rusty celebrates his birthday with “When Did I Get Here? – Reflections on 60.” Rusty will touch upon some musical memories over the years, so tune in 7 PM Saturday (UK/NY/SF) for the birthday party.

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Go on Longer with Rusty Haze this Saturday – Smoke Em If You Got Em

This Saturday, The Psychedelicized Power Hour is Newer! Brighter! and Longer! as Rusty spins another set of lengthy tracks for your enjoyment. Make it long today!
7 PM UK/NY/SF times

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Another Slice of Whitebread

Tune in to Psychedelicized this Saturday, January 27th at 7pm UK, NY, SF for A Slyce of Psych: A Tribute to Fading Yellow – Part 2, hosted by Whitebread. Featuring songs that might could, maybe, potentially be found on a Fading Yellow album. ~WB

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Tribute to Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues

Join us Saturday Night as we pay tribute to Ray Thomas.

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