Paddy, Klaus & Gibson
Pagens, The
Painted Faces
Painted Ship, The
Paisley Patterns
Paisleys, The
Pale Fire
Paper Blitz Tissue
Paper Fortress, The
Paper Train, The
Parade, The
Park Avenue Playground
Parking Lot, The
A Passing Fancy
Patriots, The
Pattens, The
Paul & Barry Ryan
Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin’ Shames
Paul Jones
Paul Revere & the Raiders
Paul Stoop
Paul’s Collection
Paupers, The
Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The
Pearls Before Swine
Pebble Episode, The
Peck’s Bad Boys
Peels, The
Peep Show, The
Peggy Lipton
Penny Nichols
Penny Peeps, The
Pentangle, The
Pepper & The Shakers
Peppermint Trolley Company, The
Perpetual Motion Workshop
Petards, The
Pete Morticelli
Peter & Gordon
Peter & The Blizzards
Peter B’s (Aka Peter B’s Looners)
Peter Fonda
Peter Janes
Peter Sarstedt
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra, The
Petula Clark
PH Phactor Jug Band
Philamore Lincoln
Phil Cordell
Phil Ochs
Philippe Debarge w/ The Pretty
Phoenix Trolley, The
Piccadilly Line, The
Pied Pipers, The
Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours
Pink Floyd
Pinocchio & The Puppets
Pipe Dream
Pipes Of Pan
Plague, The
Plague [Canada],The
Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra
Plant And See
Plastic Cloud, The
Plastic Penny
Playground, The
Pleasure Seekers, The
Plum Beach Incident, The
Plymouth Rockers, The
Poets, The
Poor, The
Pop Explosion, The
Poppy Family, The
Pops Merrily
Portobello Explosion
Power Plant, The
Powers Of Blue
Pregnant Insomnia
Premiers, The
Pretty Things, The
Primitives, The
Procol Harum
Prodigal [US], The
Proposition, The
Psychotics, The
Pugh Rogefeldt
Pure Jade Green
Purge, The
Purple Barrier, The
Purple Fox, The
Purple Gang, The
Purple Wine
Pulse, The