2000 !!!!!

1601013_697869860257542_1625634819_nDum du du dum du du duuuuu! <- Imagine Wurlitzer organ. Isn’t that the maddest poster to date? It made me laugh and I’m partly responsible for it! It’s so bad it’s ace! Anyway, we’re 30 mins away from our 2nd birthday and we’ve just reached 2000 ‘likes’, so welcome to all the new page members and thank you to all those who have been with us and contributed over the last 2 years.
I just want to say thanks to the team behind the scenes, Whitebread, Rob, Colin, Rusty, Michael & Adam. All have added massively in many ways to enrich the music we hear everyday and the website which is a brilliant resource. I am proud of the way the station is growing, long may it continue. Love to all!  ~ Christy

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