Captain Christy Reincarnates! “Journey to the East II” – Saturday May 30

Capn East III’m Back! My first show for over a year, which I bet you’ve all been waiting for right… right!?!

The imaginatively titled, Journey To The East II : Return To The East, will be awash with sitartastic swinging, mind melting tunes! The first twenty minutes will be near instrumental, paying homage to the many ‘psychedelic’ covers of well known tunes by the Beatles particularly, before giving way to the original numbers, showing what could actually be done with the mash of instruments and influences swirling around in the late 60s. I hope a few of you will stop by and check it out, I think you might just enjoy it. A lot of the tracks are rare as rocking horse do- do. Some of your favourite medicine might well aid your journey to the east… Now, all I have to do is find time to put the tracks together and do a few intros

~ Christy

Tune in, usual times, Saturday night, 7pm UK, NY & SF.

Listen to the archived show:
Journey to the East II

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