Doc Sandoz delivers High Mass – This Saturday on Psych Power Hour

11755747_1028895637154961_1138751262661203746_nExperience the transcendental! Submerge your senses in the mysteries of tape looping; Vox and Farfisa; semi-hollow body electric guitar; moog synthesizer; tremelo; disorienting feedback; time signature changes; wah-wah; flanging and phasing; reverb; frequency shifting; vocorders; fuzz boxes; reverb; exotic instrumentation; ringing 12-strings; Leslie speakers; unexpected changes in pitch and tempo; random riffs that shouldn’t work but somehow do; use of far and middle eastern scales; reverse and complex overlays; unpredicted breaks; chants and other mystical vocalities; interweaving and counterpoint; acid-inspired lyrics and more — as Dr. Sandoz offers up an hour of fiercely mind-bending psychedelic music on Psychedelicized Radio! Saturday 25 July 2015 at 7pm UK, NY, SF.


Listen to the archived show:
High Mass I

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