Double Bill this Saturday on Live Psych Out

10309161_922127447831781_4364345411132032961_n“You came here to enjoy yourselves, so why not trip out?”

‘Live Psych Out’ this Saturday night, is a double-bill!
First up, as Russ and I could only find 4 actual live tracks by the band, as a tribute to Demis Roussos, we have (16 mins of) Aphrodite’s Child!
The main act for the night, is a band well known on the ballroom gigging circuit, with their name appearing on many posters,
but very few people know them, as they didn’t get signed or release an album to my knowledge (although I am open to being wrong!)
As one blogger stated, “Most everything about it is great, jamming, instrumentation & vocals & only a couple of funk numbers overdo it a bit for me, though they more than have their good moments as they contain extensive jams & feedback sessions. The drugged-out material is staggeringly great, with astonishing SUPER HEAVY psychedelic lead guitar”.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Psychedelicized gives you, Allmen Joy, Live at the Denver Dog, Denver, CO; December 1967.
Note – this is NOT the pre-Allman Brothers Band called The Allman Joys.

10612765_922127461165113_4163846654447734882_n Saturday night, usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF.
Be there for a double dose!

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