Happy 4th Birthday Psychedelicized!

Today, January 17, marks the fourth anniversary of the first broadcast of Psychedelicized Radio! Thanks to the dedication of Captain Christy, and his hardy mates, we’ve now sailed the psychedelic cyberwave for many years. Here’s lifting a flagon to many more! ~ Sandoz

There is just as much effort and input from Doc Sandoz, Rusty, Whitebread, Colin and Adam, plus BIG help from Uncle Michael getting started, and Leo. Crox and many others that inspire and contribute. AND all of you that listen and contribute financially to keep us on the air, as without your support we couldn’t continue. Also, should mention Paul who put so many years into TWoS, which we all loved, which acted as a start point of sorts when we began as they finished. Thanks everybody, I’m humbled to be involved and to have met so many like minded psych heads. 🙂 ~ Christy

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