Live Psych Out this Saturday – Terry Reid at the Fillmore Dec 1968!

Terry Reid Poster***Live Psych Out this Saturday night***
The man that turned down the chance to sing with Jimmy Page in the band that became Led Zeppelin, Terry Reid suggested Page check out Robert Plant and his band’s drummer… and then went on to cut some great tracks and albums in his own right, although not all really well known, Page himself described Reid’s ‘River’ album as one of the eras best.
If you know Terry Reid or not, you’ll enjoy this great quality stereo soundboard recording of Terry and band at the Fillmore in December 1968, pounding out some high energy blues based guitar rock pop! Exclusively live on Psychedelicized this Saturday 17th at usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF, be there and dig the powerful voice and guitar of Terry Reid! 🙂

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