Live Psychout: A. B. Skhy

11406858_997295953648263_1805762248195151145_nLive Psych Out this Saturday night is new to me, and probably to many of you! Russ has dug up a rare little treasure, a radio broadcast from KPFA Berkeley Radio, March 30th 1969,
A.B. Skhy live at the Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, California.

A little history here. A.B. Skhy were a great psychedelic/blues band originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and soon relocated in San Francisco. They included in their line-up Howard Wales, well known for his work with Jerry Garcia, Russell Dashell later in the crowfoot, band that was also including don francisco, well known for his work with Damon in a band called highway robbery, and Terry Andersen, later with Harvey Mandel, plus other musicians that ended to play with fellows like steve miller and elvin bishop. A.B. Skhy recorded 2 really fine LP’s for MGM, the first just called A.B. Skhy and the second Ramblin’ On.

Usual times 7pm UK, NY & SF. Be there and watch the sky open!

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