From: Houston, TX, USA

Formed in Houston, Texas, A440 were a psych-punk band who formed in 1966. However, the band did not release their first album for another 12 years. Information on the band’s early lineup is very slim. Their 1967 single “It’s Just Your Mind” is credited to Rock Romano, an alumni of fellow Houston bands The Fun And Games and Sixpence, however his involvement with A440 is unclear. The band released two more singles on the Cinema label before their recording career came to a stop. A440 remained active in the Houston live scene for the next decade until they signed to 20th Century Fox to release their debut LP Ulysses, The Greek Suite. This incarnation of the band featured Ted Neeley (vocals), Yvonne Iverson (vocals), Carlos Luevano (guitar), Michael Rapp (keyboards), Craig Meacham (bass), and Ian Hoffman (bass). The album was a double album with strange, anachronistic concepts inspired by ancient Greek myth. The album was released at the peak of the disco era, and made no commercial impact. In 1983, A440 resurfaced on Fantasy Records with the album Cybotron, but would again vanish from sight.

Artist Info: Allmusic.com

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Psychedelic States: Texas In The ’60s
Psychedelic States- Texas In The '60s

  • Marahelia Glows In The Dark [Previously Unreleased 1967]