Adjeef The Poet

Ad VisserFrom: Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the more obscure acts of the 1960s was Adjeef The Poet out of Holland. Ad Visser had his own radio program in Holland during the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, which he called the Superclean Dream Machine. After this, Visser went on to host the popular Dutch television music program, ‘Top Pop’. Under the stage name Adjeef The Poet, Visser released the excellent 1967 single “Iekk! I’m A Freak”/“Squafreckleman Comes Back”. This single was heavily influenced by The Mothers of Invention, in particular the fourth side of the album Freak Out! The single has become a classic of the Freak-Beat scene of psychedelia.

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Action AC 1003 – 1967
Ieek! I'm A Freak

  • Iekk! I’m A Freak