Amon Düül II

Amon Düül IIFrom: Munich, Germany

Amon Düül  was not one who wanted the busy and exhausting lifestyle presented by the music industry. That is why several albums were released featuring material that had been edited from recordings of a single jam session in 1968.  However, a group of musicians with greater ambitions than Düül’s formed the band Amon Düül II. The band saw no need to change their name or argue over the original, so they added II to the end in order to continue on as a band.

The new band  featured John Weinzierl, Chris Karrer, and Renate Knaup-Kroetenschwanz. They began working on their debut album, Phallus Dei, which was quickly followed by the double album Yeti. Yeti features the amazing “Sandoz In The Rain,” which is an example of the beginings of Kraut Rock, a musical style Amon Düül II would heavily influence.

In 1972, Amon Düül II released another double album with Tanz der Lemminge (“Dance of the Lemmings”). This album is often said to be the highlight of the band’s career, mixing everything from straight rock to experimental music, all of which was built around science-fiction themes. Amon Düül II continued to release highly regarded albums, despite the fact that the band achieved moderate sales, at best. Made In Germany was released in 1975, and is an example of Amon Düül II trying to be more commercial. This had little effect, resulting in the band reverting back to its roots.

In 1981, another band was formed under the original name by Weinzierl. They were also known to be called Amon Düül UK, and much more rarely, Amon Düül III. They recorded off and on throughout the ’80s. Amon Düül II made a reappearance in the 1990s, producing several remixes and original material. They also released a live album, Live In Tokyo.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Liberty 15 417 – 1970
Amon Duul

  • Rattlesnakeplumcake
  • Between The Eyes

Original LPs/EPs…

Yeti – 1970

  • Burning Sister
  • Eye Shaking King
  • Sandoz In The Rain