From: London, England

Band members included Steve Hillage aka Simon Sasparella (guitar, vocals), Mont Campbell aka Njerogi Gategaka (bass, vocals), Clive Brooks aka Basil Dowling (drums), and Dave Stewart aka Sam Lee-Uff (keyboards). The group was originally named Uriel until Hillage left for college and the remaining members renamed the band Egg. Arzachel was actually Egg for one self-titled LP in 1969 when Hillage came back temporarily to help out. According to Hillage, their one album was “done for a laugh really. Somebody gave us a day in the studio, and we made a psychedelic album!”

Collectors of rare psychedelia recognize Arzachel’s sole LP as being one of the most sought after and expensive works of the late 60s. The album is very keyboard dominant and spacey. Track highlights include ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights’ and the outstanding instrumental ‘Queen St. Gang’.

Artist info: Tapestry of Delights by Vernon Joynson &

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Arzachel – 1969

  • Garden Of Earthly Delights
  • Soul Thing (Queen St. Gang Them)