Davie Allan & The Arrows

Davie Allan & The ArrowsFrom: Hollywood, CA, USA

Davie Allan & The Arrows was a mid-late 60s instrumental ensemble from Hollywood, CA that successfully melded surf music with a then fledgling psychedelic sound. Original members included front man Davie Allan (lead guitar), Steve Pugh (bass), Larry Brown (drums) and Paul Johnson (guitar). Personnel that later joined the group was Tony Allwine (guitar) and Drew Bennett (bass).

Allan grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California and learned to play guitar as a teenager. His career as a musician began when he teamed up with Mike Curb, a friend he met in the choir at Grant High School in Van Nuys, CA, to form an instrumental surf combo. In 1963, Curb founded Cude Records, the first of many labels he would run, and released the first Davie Allan single, ‘War Path’. Allan participated in recording a number of other singles for Curb’s label, released under group names like the Sudells, the Heyburners, and the Zanies. In 1964, Curb founded Sidewalk Records (which was distributed by Capitol subsidiary Tower Records), brought Allan with him as a session musician, and secured a recording contract for the newly-formed Arrows. Curb had also made a deal to supply Roger Corman’s motion picture company, American International Pictures, with soundtracks.

Early Davie Allan & The Arrows tracks were stereotypical instrumental surf numbers, with clear-as-a-bell guitar sounds and light, crisp drum work. Though these songs were good musically, and modestly commercially successful (‘Apache ’65’ became a local radio hit), Allan would find his greatest success when his sound evolved soon thereafter.

In 1966, Davie Allan & The Arrows provided the music to ‘The Wild Angles’, a B-movie about the motorcycle gang Hell’s Angles starring Peter Fonda. ‘Blue’s Theme’, a song from the movie, was released as a single in the fall of 1967 and reached #37 on the U.S. charts. This success helped anoint Allan as the king of fuzz and paved the way for a number of other movie soundtracks issued in the late 60s, including ‘Devil’s Angels’, ‘The Hellcats’ and ‘Wild Racers’. This new sound was much harder than their previous work and highlighted Allan’s feverish fuzz guitar, which on many occasions, took the place of vocals.

In 1968 it is believed that the Arrows got involved (to what extent remains unclear) in another movie project, ‘Wild In The Streets’, in which a fictitious, 24 year old rock band leader named Max of Max Frost & The Troopers becomes President of the United States. It is very possible that the Arrows were involved with the soundtrack to this movie and it is also highly speculated that they played on the Troopers follow up LP titled ‘Shapes Of Things To Come’. At around this time, Brown left to join the Moon and was replaced by Don Manning (drums).

By the end of the 60s, the Arrows had disbanded, but reformed in the 90s and released a couple more LPs. The band continues to play successfully to this day in front of thousand of hardcore fans.

Artist information sources include: The book, ‘Fuzz, Acid, and Flowers Revisited’ by Vernon Joynson.

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Blues Theme – 1967
Blues Theme

  • Blues Theme

Cycle-Delic Sounds – 1968

  • Invasion

Mary Jane [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] – 1968
Mary Jane

  • Bay City Boys