The Angry

AngryFrom: Canton, OH, USA

The Angry formed in 1962 when a group of musicians from northeast Ohio got together and wrote some excellent garage rock. The band started out with Hans Stucki, Gary “Bean” Tinsler, Ken Stephen, and Jim Grant.

In 1962, Grant played Sunday morning live broadcasts with the Havenairs gospel group at WTOF Radio. Stucki appeared on the following broadcast with his brother Ray and Harry Weaver. Grant had also been playing in a high school band with Stephen. Grant recalls meeting Stucki and Raymond in an interview, stating “At WTOF, one Sunday, while Hans and his brother, Raymond performed, they allowed me to sit in with them. I was thrilled! After their segment we packed into my Buick and went to my house.  I called Ken over to meet my new friends and we played R&R and The Silvertones were born.” Stephen was also interested in forming a band, and said “I don’t think any of us ever really wanted to get real jobs, so playing in a band seemed like the best alternative.” 

After the band held a few practice sessions, they felt the need to add a six string guitar, at which point Stucki switched to organ. Tinsler was Stucki’s next door neighbor, and since he played guitar, he was welcomed into the band. The Silvertones were now a band. After a very short time, Tinsler left the band and was replaced by Tom Potts. The Silvertones had a series of performances in 1963, playing several night shows while still attending high school. Between 1964 and 1965, the Silvertones ended up at the Lite House Inn (which became known as the “Fight House”). The band added Chris Noon (guitar) at this point.

In 1965-1966, the Silvertones became the Angry, and became the first house band at the Riviera. At this time, Stephen and Grant both left. Mike O’Brien replaced Grant, and Gene Smithberger joined as the new guitarist. Chris Noon left the band at around the same time. The Angry became one of the three big rock bands in northeast Ohio along with Lord Richie and the James Gang.

In 1966, the Angry recorded a demo tape at Mills Recording Studio in Canton. This was taken to New York City by Larry Zagray. Zagray landed the band a six record contract with Reprise Records and the Angry became the In Crowd. In their time as the Angry, the excellent “Walk In The Sun” was recorded, and is an amazing piece of garage rock.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Those Angry Years 1966 & 2003

  • Almost There [Previously Unreleased]
  • Stupid Girl [Previously Unreleased]
  • Walk In The Sun [Previously Unreleased]
  • Where Have All The Good Times Gone [Previously Unreleased]

*We cannot verify the legitimacy of this release as information is limited. Tracks were provided courtesy of Hans Stucki.