The Apostolic Intervention

From: Hertfordshire, England

One of the best bands who ever signed to Immediate Records and did not make it big, Apostolic Intervention are among one of the greatest underground psychedelic bands. Forming in Hertfordshire at the end of 1965 as the Little People, the band consisted of Angus Shirley (guitar), Peter “Dino” Dines (keyboards, vocals), Bob Argent (bass), and Angus’ younger brother Jerry Shirley (drums). Starting out like so many other bands did, the Little People played American-style R&B. Idolizing the Small Faces, it was only fitting that they reached their high point while sharing a billing with their inspiration. Steve Marriott of the Small Faces became the band’s mentor.

It was Marriott who got the band their break. Persuading Andre Loog Oldham that the Little People were worth the time, Marriott landed the band a meeting. Oldham loved the music but hated the name, and insisted their name be changed to Apostolic Intervention. Marriot had suggested calling them the Nice, but Oldham was set with the name he gave them. Oldham would later use the name the Nice for P.P. Arnold’s backing band, one that included Keith Emerson. Falling in love with the sound of Apostolic Intervention so much, Marriott agreed to produce the band’s first single. He also gave them a song that he and Ronnie Lane had just written, the fantastic “(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me”. Apparently Lane was not too happy with the idea of giving away a song that his band could have used as a single for themselves, and reportedly left the session early. Argent found it too difficult to relax during the session, so Marriott actually plays bass on the song. Apostolic Intervention was supposed to be a breakthrough act for Immediate, and the song had all the potential to do so. Jerry Shirley established himself as quite an accredited drummer with his intricate techniques and complexity. The B-side was an original composition in which Marriott sang vocals.

Never charting, the song became relatively unknown until it was released by the Small Faces on their first record for the Immediate label years later. With nothing coming from any attempts at recording, Apostolic Intervention disbanded by the end of 1967. Dines would go on to join the Keef Hartley Band and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Jerry Shirley played as a session musician on Billy Nicholls‘ solo album, and in 1969 would rejoin Marriott in Humble Pie.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Immediate IM 043 – 1967

  • (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me