The Apple Pie Motherhood Band

Apple Pie Motherhood Band, TheFrom: Boston, MA, USA

Forming in 1964, this band from Boston, Massachusetts consisted of members Ted Demos (guitar), Joe Castagno (guitar), Richard Barnaby (bass), Jef Labes (keyboards), and Jack Bruno (drums). Vocal duties were shared among all the members of the band.

Originally called C.C. & The Chasers, they briefly changed their name to Sacred Mushroom in 1965. Now living in New York, the band backed the likes of Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, and Kenny Rogers & The First Edition at the Biter End Café. A deal with Atlantic was in the works, but Sacred Mushroom was declared to be too drug-oriented. The band changed their name to the Apple Pie Motherhood Band and released a self-titled debut album in 1968. The single “Long Live Apple Pie” was released before the LP.

The Apple Pie Motherhood Band would relocate again, this time to Vermont. There, they recorded a follow-up album, and added Bruce Paine (lead vocals), Michael Sofraine (guitar), and Adam Myers (harmonica). The band landed some opening dates for the Jefferson Airplane, the Butterfield Blues Band, and the Chambers Brothers, but disbanded in 1970. Labes would later back Van Morrison and Bonnie Raite. Bruno would spend close to two decades with Tina Turner as a touring drummer, and Paine led the band Steamhammer, but is better known for his career in acting.

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Original LPs/EPs…

The Apple Pie Motherhood Band – 1968

  • Apple Pie
  • Yesterday’s New Song

Apple Pie – 1969

  • Grandmother Hooker
  • Orangutang