The Aquarian Age

From: London, England

This band was the brainchild of John “Twink” Adler (multi-instrumentals). Other members included Clem Cattini (drums), John “Junior” Wood (bass) of Tomorrow fame, and Nicky Hopkins (piano) who became one of the most sought after session pianist in the late 60s through the 80s. Hopkins was a member of Quicksilver Messenger Service from 1969-70 and also played session piano for several major groups including The Beatles, Kinks, Who, Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, and Jefferson Airplane. The group’s sole 45 was produced by Mark Wirtz, and features the original version of ‘10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box’ on the A-side. 

Twink went on to achieve some fame as a member of the Pretty Things/Electric Banana during their acclaimed psychedelic years (S.F. Sorrow, etc.). He also re-released an outstanding remake of ‘10,000 Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box’ on his Twink Think Pink LP and then became a member of the Pink Fairies.

Artist information sources include: The book, ‘Tapestry of Delights Revisited’ by Vernon Joynson.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Parlophone R 5700 – 1968

  • 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box


Tomorrow [Plus Extra Tracks] – 1999
Tomorrow - Tomorrow

  • Me [Previously Unreleased, 1968]