The Avengers

From Bakersfield, CA

The Avengers were undoubtedly a highly talented combo who wrote and performed their own material, hauling their equipment to gigs in a hearse.

The fifth and final Avengers single was the super cool ‘Strange Faces’. This 45 rarely shows up anywhere (ebay and dealer lists) and is perhaps the most difficult Avengers record to find.  The tough uptempo garage sound from previous releases like ‘Be A Cave Man’ and ‘Shipwrecked’ had been replaced on this release by a more sophisticated psychedelic sound. ‘Strange Faces’ is indeed a forgotten gem with it’s mesmerizing sitaresque tinged Byrdsian guitar sound. The background vocal harmonies are a delight.

The flip ‘Softly (I Say To You)’ is a Brit Invasion influenced ballad with ringing guitar work.

Both songs credited to Gerry Blake – Henry Gonzales.


Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


F – G 104 – 1965

  • When It’s Over

Current C-109

  • Open Your Eyes

American Records A-101 – 1967

  • Strange Faces