B.F. Trike
Baby Grandmothers
Bacharach, Burt
Bachman, Randy
Backseat, The
Bad Boys, The
Bad Generation
Bad Seeds, The
Baez, Joan
Baker, Rod
Baker Street Irregulars
Balloon Farm, The
Balsara & His Singing Sitars
Bamboo Shoot, The
Banana Splits, The
Band, The
Band Of Joy, The
Barbarians, The
Barder, Tony
Barclay James Harvest
Bardot, Brigitte
Bards, The
Baroque Brothers, The
Baroque Monthly, The
Baroques, Les
Baroques, The
Barracudas, The
Barrett, Syd
Barrier, The
Barron Knights, The
Basement Wall, The
Basile, Vinnie
Bassmen, The
Batch, The
Batt, Mike
Battered Ornaments, The
Beach Boys, The
Beacon Street Union
Beatles, The
Beatstalkers, The
Beau Brummels, The
Beau Hannon
Beauregard Ajax
Beautiful Daze, The
Beaver Patrol, The
Beckett Quintet, The
Bedford, Scott Four, The
Bedpost Oracle
Bee Gees, The
Beethoven 4
Bees, The
(Bel) Kanto, Les
Believers, The
Benjamin Carry Ltd
Bennet, Brian
Bent Wind
Bentley Road
Berkeley Kites, The
Berry, Dave
Bewes, Rodney
Bhagavad Gita
Big Beats, The
Big Bird & The Steam Shovel
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Big Jim Sullivan
Bill & Howdy
Bird, Ronnie
Birds, The
Bit ‘A Sweet
Bittersweett, The
Black Beats, The
Black Narcosis, The
Black Pearl
Black Rabbit
Black Sabbath
Black Snake
Black Swan
Blackburn & Snow
Blackfoot, J.D.
Blaine, Hal
Blessed End
Blind Faith
Bliss, The
Blodgett, Michael
Blonde On Blonde
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Bloomfield, Kooper & Stills
Blossom Toes
Blue Banana, The
Blue Cheer
Blue Chips, The
Blue Effect
Blue Mountain Eagle
Blue Öyster Cult
Blue Sandelwood Soap
Blue Things, The
Bluejeans, The
Blues Image
Blues Magoos
Blues Messengers
Blues Project, The
Bo Grumpus
Bo Street Runners
Bob & Kit
Bob Seger System, The
Bobak, Jons, Malone
Bobby Fuller Four, The
Böenzee Cryque, The
Boettcher, Curt
Bohemian Vendetta
Bondsmen, The
Bonfire, Mars
Bonniwell Music Machine, The
Boo & The Boo Boo’s
Booker T. & The M.G.’s
Boots, The
Bosom Blues Band, The
Boston Tea Party [1]
Boston Tea Party [2], The
Bounty Hunters, The
Bow Street Runners
Bowie, David
Box Tops, The
Boyce & Hart
Boys Blue, The
Brady, Bob & The Con Chords
Brain, The
Brain Police, The
Brain Train, The
Branch Estate
Brand, The
Brass Buttons
Brass Ring, The
Bravos, Los
Bread, Love And Dreams
Breakers, The
Brewer & Shipley
Brigands, The
Briggs, Anne
British Modbeats, The
British North-American Act, The
British Walkers, The
Brogues, The
Bromley, John
Brothers Cain, The
Brown, Doug & The Omens
Brown, Friday
Bruce, Jack
Brute Force
Bryant, John
Bubble Puppy
Bucaneer’s, The
Bucket, The
Buckinghams, The
Buckley, Tim
Buddhas, The
Buff Organization, The
Buffalo Springfield
Bulldog Breed
Bumble Bees, The
Bumps, The
Bunches ‘A Good
Bunky And Jake
Buoys, The
Burdon, Eric & The Animals
Burdon, Eric & War
Burk, Tommy & The Counts
Butter Rebellion, The
Butterfield Blues Band, The
Buzz, The
Byrd, Joe & The Field Hippies
Byrds, The
Bystanders, The