BidduFrom: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Biddu (Biddu Appaiah) is an Indian-born, England-based music producer, composer, song-writer, and singer who’s impressive career has seen him produce and compose many hit records worldwide during his five decade long career. Biddu is considered to be one of the pioneers of disco, Euro disco, and Indi-pop, selling millions of records and winning several awards. His ranking on NME’s list of “The 50 Greatest Producers Ever” is a respectable #34.

Biddu was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, in 1944. During the 1960s, while still living in India, Biddu began his music career as a singer in a band called Trojans, the first English-speaking band in the country. The band played covers of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Trini Lopez, and other Western music stars of the day. He would then move to England and begin his career as a producer. He would find success in 1969, producing a hit for Japanese band, the Tigers. In 1972, Biddu did the movie score for the British film Embassy. His international breakthrough wasn’t until 1974, when Biddu produced the Carl Douglas song “Kung Fu Fighting”. The song has become one of the best-selling records of all time, totaling more than eleven million copies sold. It was this breakthrough that helped in popularizing disco music.

Soon after the success of “Kung Fu Fighting”, Biddu produced his own material under the moniker Biddu Orchestra. These solo records would eventually sell more than 40 million copies across the world. Biddu would also help to launch the careers of several other performers, such as Tina Charles and Jimmy James. His influence is also heard in many New Wave bands, especially The Buggles who were founded by two of his former session musicians Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes.

Once disco’s popularity began to decline in Western society, Biddu would find success in Asia during the 1980s. He was the producer for Nazia Hassan and her brother Zohaib and their breakthrough album Disco Deewane. The album charted in fourteen countries, and eventually sold more than 60 million copies across the globe. Biddu would also produce several successful Bollywood soundtracks. In the 1990s, Biddu popularized Indi-pop and helped the careers of several other Indi-pop musicians. He still produces today

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