Blue Effect

Modry EfektFrom: Czechoslovakia

Blue Effect were one of the most important bands ever to come from Czechoslovakia. Lead by guitarist Radim Hladík, Blue Effect started out in 1968 with a couple of early R&B-oriented albums. At this point in time, the Czech government strongly disapproved of English band names, so the band changed their name to Modrý Efekt, which later was simplified to M. Efekt. After their first two albums, Blue Effect became more of a jazz rock band. By the early 1980’s, following several personnel changes, the band’s music became much less prog, and far more accessible. Their last album was released in 1981 before they quietly disappeared.

Artist Info:

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

Original LPs/EPs…

Snakes (Edice Mikrofóra) – 1969

  • Snakes

Meditace (Kingdom Of Heaven) – 1969

  • Blue Effect Street
  • Deserted Alley