From: London, England

Bodast were a progressive rock band active from 1968-1969. Members included Clive Skinner (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Bruce
Thomas (bass), Dave Curtis (bass, vocals), and Bobby Clarke (drums). The name Bodast was created by taking the first two letters from the names of the three founding members, BObby, DAve and STeve. The band had recorded an album for MGM but it was never issued as a result of the label folding. It was eventually released on The Bodast Tapes Featuring Steve Howe in 1982. The Early Years, released in 1983, was credited to Steve Howe and Bodast. Finally in 2000, Bodast released Spectral Nether Street: The Complete Collection. Before Bodast, Howe had been in The Syndicats, The In Crowd, and Tomorrow. He would go on to be the guitarist for Yes.

Artist information sources include: The Tapestry Of Delights by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Spectral Nether Street – 2000
Spectral Nether Street

  • 1000 Years [Previously Unreleased, 1969]
  • Black Leather Gloves [Previously Unreleased, 1969]
  • Nether Street [Previously Unreleased, 1969]
  • Nether Street (Demo Version) [Previously Unreleased – 1968]
  • Nothing To Cry For [Previously Unreleased, 1969]
  • Tired Towers [Previously Unreleased, 1969]