From: Merced, CA, USA

After Crystal Syphon there came Boogeyman.

In 1970 you decided to break up and then some members formed Boogeyman. Would you like to share a story about this?

Jeff: Boogeyman was a bar band formed by Tom and Bob Greenlee. When the original drummer was jailed for non-payment of child support, there were zero drummers in Merced old enough to play in a bar who weren’t already in some other bar band. Tom talked me into trying to learn drums by playing in a bar band. Somehow we got away with that. Boogeyman was a fun group to play in, and it provided me with some income while I finished college. I think Tom is the only person who has ever included me in a working band as a drummer, which means he is a better judge of talent than are most people, or….

Tom: Maybe it was 71. Boogeyman started out as an effort with myself and Bob Greenlee, guitarist John Fox, and Gabe Romo on drums. Gabe was an old friend of mine and the drummer I first worked with when I was 13. We also had a female singer, Lucille Boyer, who was a friend of John’s.
I sat down with Bob and wrote Old Styx River. We decided to retool a Syphon song, ‘There is Light There,’ and record a 45 ourselves.

We returned to Victory and asked Jeff to come along to help with the production. The record got some regional air play in California and back east but didn’t take off. Our local station, KYOS, had it on their play list a few days but promptly pulled it because they said too many people were calling in to request it. They thought we had masterminded a campaign to make this happen but we didn’t. Prior to it’s release we had a few successful gigs and I believe that no local band had a song on the radio since the Brogues and people were just being supportive. Oh well.

From a 2012 interview with the members on:, used with thanks.

Line Up

Bass – Bob Greenlee
Drums – Jeff Sanders
Guitar – John Fox
Vocals (B side) – Lucille Boyer
Vocals, Guitar – Tom Salles

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Pan R-2610 – 1971
Boogeyman Single

  • Old Styx River
  • There Is Light There