Branch Estate

branch estateFrom: Chino, CA, USA

Line Up:
Martie Echito – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Wayne Bacer – Bass & Bkg. Vocals
Robert Osequera – Vocals & Percussion
Charlie Kears – Drums

Southern California rock band based in Chino, California from the late 60’s, early 70’s, playing a lot of original songs and some cover tunes. Our manager got us some recording time in Hollywood at Western Recorders on Sunset Blvd. which was a major player during that time period. Sinatra with the big bands, Neil Diamond, actually anyone that was hot at the time was recording there. We cut the tracks live, and then overdubbed the vocals…mixed….out the door in 3 or 4 hours (if that), and thought we were going to be stars!! The engineer was Bob Kovach, and the producer was Stuart Lanis. I actually went back a year later to record a solo 45 where I played all the instruments and sang all the vocal parts. We used the 45’s to sell at our gigs for $1.00, which covered our expenses for getting to and from the gigs. That was a great time in my musical history but it was 43 years ago, so I’m sure I’ve forgotten the bad stuff, and only remember the good!

From that, I was able to record with a band called “Waves” in the late 70’s an album on Polydor, produced and engineered by Bill Halverson (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, – Cream, REO Speedwagon, etc…..), and because of that album, I signed a publishing deal with CBS / April Blackwood Music, and got to perform on many album projects in L.A., and also two album projects that were recorded in Boston at Long View Farm both for English artists SAVOY and CLIFFORD T. WARD. On Clifford’s “New England Days”, I played several instruments, did lots of the background vocals, and co-wrote “Something New” with Clifford. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great musicians and bands since then, and I’m still producing Independent CD projects for people, and playing in a classic rock band called The Ravelers ( we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary in Nov.), and a band that plays music for kids called The Happy Crowd ( I’ve had songs recorded by other artists, including “It’s Not Easy To Live Together”, which was recorded by Englebert Humperdinck in 1980. The song was never released by Epic, but they sent it out to DJ’s, and sold a few copies in England. EH performed the song on three US T.V. shows Merv Griffin, John Davidson, and Mike Douglas so it’s cool to watch him sing the song on those old videos. I’m still writing and recording my own songs, mostly for production libraries like MUZAK and Pump Audio / Getty Images most of those songs can be found on my web site:

More info than you asked for, but you got me reminiscing…….what a great adventure!! ~ Martie Echito

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Carousel C-137 – 1969

  • The Love We Share
  • On A Free Sunday Afternoon