Bulldog Breed

Bulldog BreedFrom: London, England

Bulldog Breed were an obscure band that combined psychedelic with progressive rock. Their album, Made In England, has become somewhat of a collectable. Band members included Rob Hunt (flute, vocals), Rod Harrison (guitar), Nick Spencer (guitar), Bernie Jinks (bass), and Louis Farrell (drums). Keith Cross (guitar) also played with the band.

The band also released one single in 1969, the excellent ‘Portcullis Gate’/’Halo In My Hair’. ‘Portcullis Gate’ leaned more towards progressive rock, while ‘Halo In My Hair’ sounded more like early Pink Floyd.

Farrell, who had previously been a member of the band Gun, played with the band Please, along with many other members of Bulldog Breed. Cross and Jinks formed T2, and Harrison played with Asgard. Members of the band ended up working for Cross ‘n’ Ross, The Moody Blues, Robert Plant, and Tony Hatch. Hunt passed away around 1998.

Artist information sources include: The Tapestry Of Delights by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Deram DM 270 – 1969

  • Portcullis Gate
  • Halo In My Hair

Original LPs/EPs…

Made In England – 1969

  • Austin Osmanspare