The Batch

From: Minnesota, USA

Rising from the ashes of Minnesota-based Candy Floss Productions, the Batch consisted of Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Arne Fogel, Jay Lee and Whip Lane. Goldberg and Paulak started their first band together as teenagers in 1966, calling themselves the Shambles. That year they had their first recording session at the legendary Dove Studios in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Batch recorded several hours worth of material in various studios, but only ever released one single, “Golden Sun” / “Hot Summer Nights,” in 1972. After years of being on the road touring Mid-America and never taking off, The Batch eventually called it quits. Many years later, The Batch released 21 previously unreleased songs through their own HIJ/BECCA label. Included here is the excellent “Drifting.”

Artist Info: Wait ‘Til Tomorrow Compilation linear notes

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 2009 compilation Wait ‘Til Tomorrow

  • Drifting