The Beatstalkers

BeatstalkersFrom: Glasgow, Scotland

Originating in 1962, the Beatstalkers were Davie Lennox (vocals), Eddie Campbell (guitar), Ronnie Smith (rhythm guitar), Alan Mair (bass), and “Tudge” Williamson (drums). The band had become a major attraction by 1964, playing excellent covers of obscure soul and R&B songs. The Beatstalkers grew so much popularity that they were referred to as the “Scotland Beatles.”

The Beatstalkers signed with Decca Records in 1965, and quickly released three singles. All were rather solid material, but they failed to capture who the band really was. Moving to London in 1967, the Beatstalkers switched to CBS Records. Still, the band was not able to make a breakthrough. Part of the problem was the material in which they played. While good, it was too obscure for mainstream audiences, and it is said that it is what held them back. New manager Ken Pitt suggested recording David Bowie songs, Pitt’s best-known act. Three of these songs were recorded, and the only one to be issued as an A-side was the fantastic “Silver Tree Top School For Boys.” When the band’s equipment was stolen in 1969, they decided to split up.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


CBS 3105 – 1967

  • Silver Tree Top School For Boys

CBS 3936 – 1969

  • Little Boy
  • When I’m Five