The Believers

From: Atlanta, GA, USA

This band is thought to be a sole 45 studio concoction of Grammy award winning artist/song writer/producer Joe South. Both sides of the single are renditions of a similar and highly original instrumental piece, the B-side playing in a slower tempo with voices in the background. The simulated sitar sound found on both sides is thought to have been created by a button on the Vox Wah-Wah Peddle and sounds very similar to the same effect used on the 1968 South hit, ‘Games People Play’.

Artist information sources include: The liner notes in the CD, ‘Voyages Into… Psychedelia, Vol. 1’.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

  • Soul Raga Cookin’           (Original 45 Label: Capitol P-2253, A – 1968)
  • Soul Rock Simmerin’      (Original 45 Label: Capitol P-2253, B – 1968)

Compiliation CD

Voyages Into… Psychedelia, Vol. 1
Voyages Into... Psychedelia, Vol. 1