The Bobby Fuller Four

Bobby Fuller FourFrom: El Paso, TX, USA

Bobby Fuller was heavily influenced by the late Buddy Holly, taking Holly’s style and making it his own. Bobby Fuller Four also featured Dalton Powell, Randy Fuller, James Reese, and DeWayne Quirico.

Fuller started out as a local success in his hometown of El Paso in the early ’60s. It was in 1964 that he and his combo moved to California, briefly having aspirations of playing surf music. The group would then hook up with producer Bob Keene. While Fuller’s career was short, he did record several hits for Mustang in 1965 and 1966. Songs such as “Let Her Dance”, “Another Sad and Lonely Night” and “The Magic Touch” would go on to be hits. Fuller’s biggest hits were a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Love’s Made a Fool of You” and the Top 10 classic “I Fought The Law”, written by Sonny Curtis.

Fuller died right after the release of his big hit. His death is something of a mystery, as he was found in a parked car. Police thought that he had committed suicide  but almost everyone who knew him said otherwise. Fuller was a talented songwriter and great in the studio. He drew from Eddie Cochran and Biddy Holly, as well as a little bit from the British Invasion. He recorded a lot of unreleased studio and live material that would be issued in the 1980s, when the void that he had left in his passing began to gain appreciation.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Mustang M 3018 – 1966

  • The Magic Touch

Original LPs/EPs…

KRLA King of the Wheels – 1965
KRLA King of the Wheels

  • King Of The Wheels

I Fought The Law – 1966
I Fought The Law

  • I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)

I Fought The Law – 1992 [Bonus Track Version]

  • Wine Wine Wine [Previously Unreleased]