The Bondsmen

the-bondsmenFrom: Durham, NC, USA

The Bondsmen were another garage band of the 1960s who never made it big. Still. the music that these bands left us with is fantastic and should be heard by a wider audience. The Bondsmen formed in 1967 with Jim Bowen (bass, vocals), Tim Hutchinson (trumpet, vocals), Philip Pearson (drums, flugelhorn), Archie Thompson (vocals), Gene Galligan (keyboards, vocals), John Santa (guitar), and Ken Haywood (guitar, vocals). Santa, the band’s songwriter is responsible for the great ‘Our Time To Try”. This lineup only lasted until 1969 as Bowen, Hutchinson, Galligan, and Santa left the band to go to college.

The Bondsmen would reform and return in 1969 with a new lineup. Thomas, Pearson, and Haywood added Jim Ward (bass) and Hubert Deans (keyboards). The band played for another year and a half before calling it quits. The Bondsmen spent a lot of time in the studio, but no singles were ever released.

Artist information sources include: (Ken Haywood and John Santa of The Bondsmen)

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


AMH 6704 – 1968

  • Our Time To Try