The Brain Police

From: San Diego, CA, USA

The Brain Police were one of the most popular bands out of San Diego during the late-60s. Original members included Rick Randle (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica), David Randle (guitar), Frank Mannix (bass), and Tony Johnson (drums). Rick had been a member of The Other Four and The Man-Dells, and Johnson and Mannix were members of Sandi And The Accents.

In 1967, Norman Lombardo (The Other Four) and Sid Smith (The Roosters) replaced Johnson and Mannix. This is the lineup that would record the band’s one and only LP. The album was actually meant to be a demo disc intended to get the attention of labels. This 1968 self-titled released is a good mix of some standard psychedelic material with baroque pop influences. The album ranges from lighter, more pop-oriented songs, such as “Find Me A Moment” and harder-edged material like “Gypsy Fast Women”. The song “Adler” is eerily similar to Cream‘s “I’m So Glad” in it’s intro. The band’s 1969 single “World Of Wax” / “Smoking At The Windsor Hill” sounds very little like the Brain Police. The album was later reissued on CD and contained several bonus tracks. Members of the Brain Police would go onto other projects, both together and separately.

Artist information sources include: and Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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The Brain Police – 1968

  • Adler
  • Find Me A Moment
  • Getting Too Much Higher
  • My World In Wax