The Brigands

From: New York, USA

The Brigands appear to have only ever released one single. What is confusing is there is next to no information available on the band, yet their single was released on the major label Epic Records. “(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man” has a great fuzz riff and solid backup harmonies. The song sounds much like the king of thing heard on many of the regional indie releases. The single was produced by Artis and Kris Resnick. It is speculated that this one-off single might have been the work of a studio-only band. Other sources claim certain individuals had been members of other bands, but there is no proof of this.

Artist info: and A Bit Like You And Me blog

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Epic 5-10011 – 1966
(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man

  • (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man