The Bumps

From: Seattle, WA, USA

The Bumps originally started out as an R&B dance band, but in 1967, they were playing a wide variety of styles such as punk, folk-rock, and commercial pop. Original members included Robert Van Den Akker (drums, vocals), Larry Richstein (aka Rube Tubin) (guitar), John Cleaver (saxophone), Gary R. Walsh (keyboards), and Bob Greer (bass). Upon the departure of Richstein, John Knapp was brought in. Knapp would later be replaced by Pat Hewitt. Between 1966-1969, The Bumps released five singles. Their last single was “Ode To A Toad” / “Shining,” released in 1969.

Artist information sources include: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Walrus TMC 001 – 1969

  • Ode To A Toad
  • Shining