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Calum Bryce were a band from the UK that only ever released one single. Members included Dave Mumford (guitar, vocals), Tim Posford (bass), Mel Wayne (saxophone), Derick Horn (keyboards), and Geoff Coxon (drums). The A-side is the extremely catchy “Love-Maker,” which was used in television advertisements in the late 1960’s. The song is full of hooks, with a creeping bass line and catchy lyrics. “Love-Maker” was used in commercials for the popular cider drink Woodpecker. The single flopped in 1968, however it has made it’s way on to a number of sixties compilation albums. Original copies of the single sell for hundreds of pounds. The B-side contains the catchy pop number “I’m Glad.” Further work was apparently recorded but never released. Calum Bryce continued to tour for a number of years after the release of the single. They appeared live on the Radio One Roadshow on a number of occasions.

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From the 1966 single “Love-Maker”
Love Maker

  • Love-Maker