Chamaeleon Church

Chamaeleon ChurchFrom: Boston, MA, USA

Chamaeleon Church is best known as the starting point for pre-Saturday Night Live Chevy Chase. The band was formed in 1967 by Ted Myers (vocals, guitar) after his previous band, the Lost, broke apart. Myers recruited multi-intrumentalist Tony Schueren, previously of the Ultimate Spinach. The two then recruited Kyle Garrahan (bass), who had also been a member of the Lost.

The three named the band Chamaeleon Church, and it is assumed that they misspelled the name in honor of the Myers/Schueren song “Camillia Is Changing.” Chase was the last member to be added to the band, after Myers met him in New York. At this time, Myers was still under contract as a songwriter for Alan Lorber, who was a producer in New York. Lorber agreed to produce Chamaeleon Church’s debut album, however, the band later decided to issue on MGM in 1968, feeling that Lorber’s soft psychedelic production style was not what they had envisioned.

Soon after a short tour, the band fell apart. On this brief tour, Chamaeleon Church appeared on ABC television on the special What Gap? Myers and Schueren went onto reform the Ultimate Spinach. Myers would then work at Rhino Records and Schueren joined the staff of the National Lampoon. Chase would join the original cast of the legendary sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, where he became the program’s first breakout star. After one season, Chase left to pursue a career in film.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 album Chamaeleon Church
Chamaeleon Church Album

  • Come Into Your Life
  • Camillia Is Changing
  • Spring This Year
  • Blueberry Pie
  • Here’s A Song
  • Off With The Old
  • Tompkin’s Square Park