Cherry Slush

Cherry SlushFrom: Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Cherry Slush are most notable for the involvement of Dick Wagner, a major figure in the Michigan rock scene. Although not a member of the band, Wagner was a close friend who helped out as a studio musician, writer, producer, and arranger. Wagner also led bands such as the Bossmen and the Frost. Cherry Slush consisted of Dan Parsons (vocals), Gene Bruce (guitar), Mark Burdick (guitar, vocals), Brian Bennet (keyboards, vocals), Art Hauffee (bass), and Dick Coughlin (drums, vocals).

The band’s finest moment is “I Cannot Stop You.” The song was released with two different versions, the American one featuring more horns. Coughlin said “We recorded at Audio Sound Studios in Cleveland Ohio and the horns were played by Dr. Don Sheets, who played four different parts. He is now a local Veterinarian.” “I Cannot Stop You” contains some good guitar hooks and some excellent harmonies.

There were three ‘previously unreleased’ tracks on the compilation Thee Unheard of, however, these are by a different band altogether. Cherry Slush still play today and recently released the album Cherry Slush Looking Back, featuring both of their singles from the 1960s.

Artist information sources include: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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From the 1968 single “I Cannot Stop You”
I Cannot Stop You

  • I Cannot Stop You